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Why do you think that procopius wrote this secret history?

Why do you think that Procopius wrote this Secret History? What was he trying to accomplish? How does he describe the Byzantine Empire and its administration and its society? What were some of the reasons why Procopius thought that Justinian was such a bad ruler? What...

Climate change, covid, and sustainability?

Climate change, covid, and sustainability? Watch/read the videos/assignments posted for this week and write a succinct 2-5 page paper that brings these three topics together. Articles and Websites

Be thorough.

How does permaculture differ from industrial farming? Refer to and reference the videos and readings for the week. Be thorough. Readings and videos for the week:

60 volunteers are separated into two groups of 30 each.

What are the four fields of anthropology and what does each study? Of the three anthropologists whose work was featured in this week’s module (Tiffiny Tung, Franklin Damann, and Marcella Benitez, whose work did you find most interesting and why? Could you...