Question 1 3 Points The following items are a part of either the macroscopic dom

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Nov 26, 2022


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Question 1
3 Points
The following items are a part of either the macroscopic domain, the microscopic domain, or the symbolic domain of chemistry. Which of the following represents the symbolic and microscopic domain?
A) The mass of a certain chlorine atom is 35 amu.
B) Al is the symbol for an aluminum atom.
C) A bottle with a label that reads Al contains aluminum metal.
D.) The mass of a lead pipe is 14 lbs.
Question 2
Which set of examples represents only intensive properties?
A) Humidity, heat
B) Temperature, volume
C) Volume, heat
D) Boiling point, color
Question 3
The amount of heat required to melt 2 lbs. of ice is twice the amount of heat required to melt 1 lb. of ice. What description of chemical behavior does this observation provide?
A) Microscopic
B) Macroscopic
C) Symbolic
Question 4
3 Points
When a 2.0-liter volume of hydrogen gas is combined with 1.0-liter of oxygen gas to produce 2.0 liters of water vapor, the oxygen undergoes a chemical change.
B) False
Question 5
As stated in the text, convincing examples that demonstrate the law of conservation of matter outside of the laboratory are few and far between. Antoine Lavoisier, the French scientist credited with first stating the law of conservation of matter, heated a mixture of tin and air in a sealed flask to produce tin oxide. How would the mass change after heating?
A) Remain the same
B) Increase
C) Decrease
Question 6
3 Points
Matter consists of tiny particles that can combine in specific ratios to form substances with specific properties. Which type of statement is this most similar to?
A) Hypothesis
B) Theory
C) Law
D) Scientific method
Question 7
3 Points
Which set of examples only represents chemical changes?
A) Condensation of steam, melting of gold
B) Burning of gasoline, souring of milk
C) Evaporation of water, wood burning
D) Dissolving of sugar in water, mold growing on cheese
Question 8
3 Points
When elemental iron corrodes it combines with oxygen in the air to ultimately form a red brown iron (III) oxide called rust. If a shiny iron nail with an initial mass of 23.2 g is weighed after being coated in a layer of rust, how would the mass change?
A) Remain the same
B) Increase
C) Decrease
Question 9
3 Points
Which group, or groups, represent the category of matter known as a mixture?
A) Chocolate chip cookies, granite, Italian dressing
B) Air, gasoline, maple syrup
C) Air, chocolate chip cookies, gasoline, granite, maple syrup, and Italian dressing
D) Copper, water, sucrose
E) Nitrogen, sulfur, aluminum
Question 10
3 Points
Yeast converts glucose to ethanol and carbon dioxide during anaerobic fermentation as depicted in the simple chemical equation here: glucose ⟶ ethanol + carbon dioxide. If the fermentation is carried out in an open container, which statement regarding mass is true?
A) The mass of the container and contents after fermentation is less than the mass of the container and contents before fermentation.
B) The mass of the container and contents after fermentation is greater than the mass of the container and contents before fermentation.
C) The mass of the container and contents after fermentation is the same as the mass of the container and contents before fermentation.


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